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Words and photos by Gabriel Jackson

Occursus (anoth…

Occursus (another art group) have made a 24 hour magazine. Check it out, its about to be published. Its all about the city Sheffield in England, its got all sorts of stuff in it, including the cites history!!!

Sorry i haven’t been on for a while

Sorry i haven’t put anything up for ages. The reason is I’ve been ill and I been having my SATS.

More Pictures in Sheffield

In this post I’m just showing a few more pictures that I took in Sheffield.

This picture is a smurf made out of little tiles:

Pictures from Sheffield

These are just some pictures I took around Sheffield:


These are pictures from Haworth:

Hebden Bridge and Haworth

Unfortunately¬†I didn’t get very many pictures in Hebden Bridge. But I got a few more in Haworth.

Here are a few of the Hebden Bridge ones:

Walks in Sheffield (3)

I am nine years old and have lived in Sheffield all my life so far.


Walks in Sheffield (2)

I am nine years old and have lived in Sheffield all my life so far.

Walks in Sheffield with Occursus

These pictures show images around Shalesmoor, Sheffield.

Places we walk have lots of history about Sheffield. Its a great experience to have. Come and join us in the walks you won’t regret you came.

Meet us Shalesmoor tram stop, Sheffield.

All about Jerome Grivel’s work

Jerome Grivel’s work is all to do with sound art. Check out this video that he did in sheffield in 2011.


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